The Power Of Friendship

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Good friends are those who accept you as you are and motivate you to move towards higher horizons of life. They are generous people with virtuous nature who can see your potential when you still didn`t discover it self, they make you bigger when you still feel self smaller as you really are.
Real friends will be clear with you in own intentions and all they want is just to be near, or to share, or just to help. They worry about you and they truly care .
They are high frequency people with good and warm heart.
Love, Blessing, Mila


Will To Survive

There is no spiritual path without the obstacles and there is not liberation without the sufferings.


In order to attain personal happiness the one will need to learn how surrender, release, let go and forgivle.

Hope And Joy

Have a hope during the stage of difficulties, with time they will fade way or become less. Enjoy your lucky moments and fortunate circumstances because they are also changable.


There are the enemies in this world, but still you have chance to turn them into your friends and partners. But there are people who carry heavy pounds of hate energy from generation to generation, and only choice left to not have any kind of connection with them. Take back your territory, draw the boundaries and decide with your own heart who is welcome and who is not.

Life Crisis

There are major life phases we are going through and there is no short cuts to pass it by, there are only two choices left, to face and ovegrow or to escape and leave the life.