Today Germany has the sorrow about Germanwings dead passangers, on the board were young children. It is tragedy and it is also deep grief and pain for parents, and for people who lost their family`s members. Let`s light on candles in our hearts and connect with these people, may strengh find them to live and deal with this sad inresistable moment of their life. Amen

Freitag, März 6 Um 20:15 Kirtan Abend In Düsseldorf.

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Yesterday I had my regular yoga lesson and I got strong feelings in my abdomen, the feelings of discovery the silence and peace. My body carried a lot of non peace memories from the past and discomfort in abdomen was something new and unknowing. I explained this experience to yoga teacher, and she said that it is normal, yoga is about establishment deep contact to the self, and any kind of expression or body reaction which happens during the lesson is actually positive and productive.
I realized that I am ready now to follow the journey of inner freedom and inner peace. Namaste